Self-service Solution for Big Data Discovery

All-in-one analytics from easy data preparation to fast visualization

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Metatron is a single product for field users enabling data analysis through interactive web UI


Metatron is powered by a massively scalable column store: Druid which enables us to create big OLAP cube!


Manage data smart through all connectable data sources and visualized data monitoring features

Feature Highlights

Prepare data by yourself

Anyone can make data clean and useful through interactive data preprocessing tool in Metatron.

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Load from everywhere

Import data from internal/external data connections or your own file system. Our web-based UI makes loading data easy and quick.

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Visualize with ease

Choose the charts as we recommend to make up your dashboard. Every visualization is fully interactive, and supports real-time updates.

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Share your insights

Share the charts and dashboards with your team, project, or company. Present your insights fast and easy.

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Optimized Druid for Metatron

Metatron is powerd by Druid, which is a very fast highly scalable columnar data-store. Metatron is not only using Druid, but also improving it. We have developed and optimized Druid to be the most suitable for Metatron.


Open source and Evolving

Metatron is built and maintained by a dedicated team, and is an open source, so the users can help improve it too. You get new features, interface improvements, and bug fixes for free. Also, there is no need to care about building or maintaining your own analytics platform.


Try Metatron! See how it works for you.

We provide a temporary account as ‘metatron’ for ID and password. Try Metatron out on your own purpose.

Latest News

Get started Metatron Discovery with VMs

Hello, users! We happliy announce that now you can download the Metatron Discovery through VM image. Check the new guide to install it on your virtual machine. Installation Guide: Virtual[…]

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Analyzing geospatial data with Metatron Discovery

In this example, we use Metatron Discovery to load Geo data into Druid, and use it to display location information on the map. We use the Docker version of Metatron[…]

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Announce 6th board meeting of Metatron Discovery

6th board meeting on Metatron Discovery We announce the 6th board meeting for this month. Check schedules and don’t miss it! Please share your comments and feedback so we all[…]

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