Metatron Discovery 3.0.4 is released

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Metatron Discovery 3.0.4 is released


This version is an improved one for the 3.0 release.
Now Metatron supports the cancellation function for querying by ‘Workbench’.
Also we stabilized a lot of features. Check the details below.


#50 Workbench show query log for hive connection
#255 Network Diagram needed selection filter
#277 Embedded dashboard can set filter value with request query parameter
#349 Remove unnecessary “undo” action from AutoTyping feature of Data Preparation.
#357 Design change in dataset creation process
#365 Display rule command in case of typing in Hangul
#405 Change how to configure data preparation

Bug Fix

#231 If the path of metatron installation directory has space character, metatron does not run.
#262 Operation formula is initialized in the text grid
#263 Error in Average Calculation
#314 Not all fields are visible in the formula field popup
#315 Chart type UI not visible
#325 Drops to infinite loading status when ‘Prediction line’ is turned on in ‘Analysis’
#329 Time range filter forces the date value with previous date
#330 Hive timestamp columns produce mismatched values
#333 Show rules concisely: union, join
#337 Abbreviations number setting doesn’t work when valuse is minus
#341 Can’t set secondary indicators in KPI chart when alias exists
#346 No error message when the chart can not be loaded
#353 Error saving pie chart after setting color by measure
#355 Error KPI chart same pivot description and iocons
#384 Ingestion option(tuning,job) not applied
#391 Displaying combo chart data is different from engine data
#396 Fix advanced setting UI in datasource create step
#400 Sending-Email function when clicking password reset is not working properly
#407 workbench editor indent error
#420 Error number format Abbreviations
#421 Error message displayed strangely in common log component
#422 Popularity sorting is strange in metadata column list
#432 Workbench query fail message not printed.


#386 Refactoring on dataprep configuration code

Detailed release information link:

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