Introduce the Metatron Discovery 3.1.0.

Introduce the Metatron Discovery 3.1.0.

The first stable version of Metatron Discovery 3.0 is finally released now! We’ve digged it in for a year. Many users help us to upgrade our product with rich feedbacks and ideas. All of our teammates are appreciated for that so much! Below is the main improvements in 3.1.0 version.

Main Improvement

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

In celebration of Christmas and New Year, Metatron Discovery main page has been changed to special edition! Enjoy your holidays with Metatron.

Metatron in Chinese

We’re happy to announce that Chinese are available in the Metatron now! To get Metatron in Chinese, update to version 3.1.0, and just set your browser’s preferred language to the Chinese. We’ll keep updating you here as more languages become available. Any translation comments are welcoming. Thank you for your support!

Supporting ingestion & visualization for geo spatial data

Create a dimension with geo type in your data source. With the dimension, visualize locational data with multiple layers and various expressions.

Improved usability of workbench

Now you can look up your tables with just a couple of clicks in the Metatron Workbench thanks to the auto completion of “Select query”. Execute all the queries or line by line. Query result window gets higher readability with beautifier.
metatron discovery workbench

Enhanced multi-column operation and enabled json type data on dataprep

Manipulate multiple columns at once with easy interface in the Metatron Data Preparation. In Data Preparation, now you can deal with json and text type of data. When you put any dirty data in the data flow, we automatically set basic preprocessing rules for you.
data preparation in metatron discovery


#616 Support userdefined field and time filter on map view
#637 When viewing data, hide current time column
#659 Check the map library usability and create a new structure for the map view
#684 Enhanced search within Data Storage(Datasource, Data Connection) list screen
#744 When connecting to db, administrator want to set list of database to hide
#752 Add API to handle status and options for real-time ingestion
#790 Multi-column split and extract on dataprep
#841 Create dataset with JSON file
#907 Change label, meaning ‘Do not use data source’
#920 Add geo aggregation type : geohex
#953 Set timeout for canceling query on workbench
#958 Hiding notebook-specific features in workspace that no assigned notebook server

Bug Fix

#360 Server error occurs when dimension alias is changed
#603 Sometimes filter disappear when combining filters
#618 Map chart does not re-draw after resizing
#761 Keep/Delete rows by clicking histogram with timestamp values
#762 excution time is wrong when query executes using retrying button
#778 Clone Workbook errors
#780 Errors in “Create shared workspace”
#832 “Gets only the first” option doesn’t work
#874 Workbench LNB screen related issues
#887 Delay in loading of segments after file data source creation causes data source status to fail.
#898 On the data prep page, when an error occurs, the message key value is output.
#900 Error checking similarity datasources to join
#901 Missing checking catalog name duplication when creating the catalog
#904 Need to fix displaying list of Text widget
#905 Error display folder depth in workspace
#909 An error occurs when execute data preview query
#917 Fixed error deleting multiple expressions
#918 Sorting error in dataset list
#923 fix settype editor
#929 Split rule error in dataprep
#933 Previous selection is initialised in Create DB type dataset
#955 Under the personal workspace, the “Hide / Show” function for dashboards is meaningless
#960 Missing deleting history data when deleting data source
#966 Global filter condition changed when copying dashboard.
#969 Calculated value of ‘Total Row’ filter differs from actual value.
#970 Legend selection (selection through dimension of color setting) is not possible when there are two dimension values.
#976 bug on set rule via context menu
#983 Partition column as timestamp role didn’t recognized in StageDB(Hive) ingestion
#986 Close context menu when scrolling
#1015 Fix UI in create dataset with Database
#1046 Migration of dataprep entities

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