Metatron Discovery 3.1.1 released.

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Metatron Discovery 3.1.1 released.


Metatron Discovery 3.1.1., the final release of this year, is out today. Enjoy holidays with us and keep updated our release news here!

Main Improvements

Improve legend design in map view #1047

We have adjusted the position and style of the map view legend, and the unity of the UX, such as disappearing layers when the legend is turned off, is the same as the other charts.

Support UI for uploading file using HTML5 API (experiment on dataprep) #607

It needs to show progress bar and be able to cancel when uploading files. We are going to support it using File API of HTML5.


#607 File upload using HTML5 File API (experiment on dataprep)
#1086 Download file or staging db snapshots as JSON files
#1069 Support setting custom color for layer in map view
#175 Secondary axis set into combination chart
#1047 Improve legend design in map view
#1058 Support granularity automation on ingestion stage
#1074 Create JSON file type snapshot
#827 Implement custom dataset-creation API for error handling
#1071 PrDataset will not use the projection interface

Bug Fix

#1095 Be able to download over 1000 original data
#1019 Timestamp type column error when deleting
#1143 Bugfix on creating database type dataset
#1072 Bugfix on migrating MetaDB tables regarding on dataprep
#1118 Rule can not be restored with undo button.
#1119 Can not import JSON file from hive type snapshot
#1104 Sorting error in gauge chart
#985 Error message is not intuitive for expression parsing error (dataprep)
#1056 Problem with settings the mandatory filter in the link-type datasource
#1043 Database drop down is missing in dataset creation process (query)
#522 Improve file not found error message
#1072 Bugfix on migrating MetaDB tables regarding on dataprep
#528 Canceling HDFS type snapshot is failed
#1081 Error in displaying column header information in MySQL

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