Metatron Discovery 3.1.2 is released!

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Metatron Discovery 3.1.2 is released!


From the end of 2018 until the beginning of this year, we’ve try to highly upgrade product quality. As a result, we release 3.1.2 version of Metatron Discovery. we mainly focused on fixing bugs. Enjoy more stable Metatron Discovery from now on!

Main Improvements

Improved usability of setting options for ingesting data

For now, the system will recommend the appropriate option when loading data to Metatron engine. No more worrying about granularity levels or other detail options.

Custom base-map

Now you can change base map style of map chart. Just add your map style url to mapView widget configuration of Metatron engine. For more detail questions, please post it to our discussion community.


#118 granularity is not set properly on metatron engine
#160 Error display for counted row on text table(grid)
#416 Alias display error when setting chart detail
#475 Filters set in presentation mode will continue to apply in the future, but not visible
#725 Not show partition keys in datasource create step and detail
#740 URI Format Adress Not Seen Consistently in the Data Connection List
#743 Query did not saved after sql beautifier.
#932 Add create dataset button in dataset swap popup
#968 The records in the data table do not match the actual data.
#972 If the data table dimension is 3, and the measure value is 2, the browser does not work
#973 Sorting function of data table does not work properly.
#1121 Dataset summary is wrong in add dataset popup
#1158 The ignoreInvalidRow option does not work when loading a measure column
#1159 Support for querying data in a table with a very large number of columns.
#1168 Request validation removal for the valuation of properties
#1171 Data preparation is using the user’s different information
#1176 Preview of dataset fails if the 1st column is empty
#1210 problem of reading some excel file occurs
#1220 Sending request too many times when getting snapshot list
#1229 When using the first row as a header in the data source creation, the first value line disappears.
#1242 If cell value is null, it shows “null” of string value
#1256 Log sub-thread error stack in dataprep
#1260 Histogram error when the timestamp range is too wide
#1284 Initialize finish time after workbench retry


#640 Intuitive phrase change request in Job Log Detail
#795 Horizontal scroll in histogram area
#1059 Set type constraint according to the type of original column and role classification
#1064 Support for adding basemap in mapview via configuration
#1076 Change user guide from pdf to web link
#1077 Add icons in snapshot list
#1092 Add validation interval on ingestion stage
#1141 preparation custom PATCH controller
#1173 Add rule list on Wrangled dataset detail
#1184 Show warnings when rule has “aggregate”
#1186 Add function to modify snapshot name
#1192 update message file
#1208 Improve auto-completion in dataprep.
#1215 Change the rollup value to false when previewing the chart on the workbench

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