Summary for the 4th board meeting

Summary for the 4th board meeting

In the 4th board meeting, which the first one for the new year, we’ve discussed about upcomming 3.1.2 release contents and the future release plan.

Release history

We’ve made two releases since last borad meeting. This will be the 3.1 minor version. Ad the one we are developing unitl the end of the March will be the 3.2 candidate version of Metatron Discovery.

3.1.1 release

Its main improvement is focusing on chart properties. Secondary axis on combo chart, new legend design for map chart is updated. Detail review for 3.1.1 version is described here.

3.1.2 release

For the first release of this year, we are mainly focusing on fixing bugs. Detail review is available below.

Roadmap for 2019

beyond MDM

We are planning to add search function to the mdm management, and we will try various things to improve the usability of search.


Goals are improving chart properties, implementing real-time dashboards, improving multi-data and filter usability, and enhancing map charts. Especially until February, we aim to implement spatial operations on map charts.

Self service

We will support data source management for individual users in the workspace to enable workspace-centric data navigation. The data prep function will also be moved from the management menu to the workspace menu so that individual users can also pre-process the data. This will ensure that all users of Discovery will be able to process data in the workspace from pre-processing to visualization.


The Metatron component will be an extensible structure so that orchestration will be possible.

Plan for the next iteration

Below is the list of the 3.1.3 release. Red ones have big effect for the common usabiliies. Please be aware of it when updating the new version.

  • Support Multi-Layer (rc1) + GeoSpatial Analysis (rc2) : Intersection/Difference
  • Add a origin source type (snapshot in Dataprep.)
  • Improve functionality & usability in dashboard (~rc3) : Multi-Datasource / Filtering
  • Improve common usability (focus-out event, list view)
  • Support Druid SQL
  • Support Data Timezone
  • Pluggable & Extenable structure (DataConnection, .. Other services)
  • Upgrade base library (echart 4.2 / angular 6)


How will you proceed with the time zone update?
– Trying to keep the basics. When loading, timezone will be input and displayed according to the user’s browser time zone.

Is there a feature to monitor the druid’s condition?
– It didn’t come out today, but we are planning to develop it.

There is a need to monitor metatron charts as a dashboard.
– Since the current discovery function is too complicated, the monitoring function will be opened after the first half including anomaly detection function, simple analysis function, and monitoring dashboard

I want to draw a picture in the map or upload my own geo data.
– In addition to filtering data on the chart creation screen, there is a need for a different method in the chart analysis screen to perform spatial calculations. We will try to make solution.

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