Introduce Metatron Discovery 3.2.0-rc1, rc2

Introduce Metatron Discovery 3.2.0-rc1, rc2

Lastest Metatron Discovery, the release candidate for 3.2, is updated last week! It has some significant new features. Take a look and try freely via our demo web server. Any questions can be discussed here in the forum.

Main Improvements

Support Druid SQL(#1099)

Now use SQL for querying Druid in the Metatron Workbench! Create “Druid” data connection for using it. It’s super easy and convenient. No need to set in the low level.

Create datasource with multiple sheets in Excel (#748)

From this version, now you can make “multiple sheets” of Excel file to “multiple datasets” at once in Metatron Data Preparation. Just select sheets when making dataset with excel file. Selected sheets are made into individual datasets automatically.

Support timezone for field of timestamp type (#1193)

Before 3.2.0-rc, If the timestamp type is included in the loaded data source, you can not check the user-based time zone reference when viewing data on the dashboard because the timezone is not set. From now on, data source creator can specify a timezone for the timestamp type in the data source, and the user can view the time value according to the user browser timezone through the dashboard.

  • Support Timezone list (



#199 Event definitions for entering and applying values for UI components
#1057 Enhance validation for local file ingestion
#1193 Support timezone for field of timestamp type
#1203 Add handling StageDB usage by configuration
#1224 Unify preview code in dataprep (including auto type detection)
#1289 Apply new suggestion to Window, aggregate, pivot.
#1306 Using URI to Create a File Type Snapshot


#592 Improve usage flow and function associated with deleting members
#667 In the case of the same name, identity information must be exposed.
#748 Make datasets with multiple sheets in excel
#941 Add displaying error message when failing query (step of JDBC data source creation)
#944 Improve filter functions for high cardinality columns.
#1151 Upgrade base library – angular and echart
#1350 Download the uploaded file(I.DS)
#1397 If the timestamp column is more than a unit of day, the time zone is meaningless
#1400 Snapshot grid paging processing
#1099 Support Druid SQL

Bug Fix


#463 Errors in bar chart display when pivoting a column on a row value
#971 If the crossing shelf contains two dimension values, the exposure is exposed to a meaningless sum or avg value.
#1129 The data represented in the chart does not match the download data.
#1274 Checkbox global filter widget does not work properly
#1276 Fail to process response error when downloading original data.
#1292 JSON snapshot icon error while creating
#1296 Modify file type snapshot information
#1300 Hiding aggregate tooltip
#1311 Metadata list is not shown
#1319 Error in multi column rename popup
#1341 Cannot ingest with text formatted hive table.
#1345 Custom delimiter doesn’t work in snapshot generation


#159 Unable to click cancel button and X button when generating metadata
#312 If the combo chart is selected, the screen will be distorted when ‘fit to data scale’
#1161 Out of bar chart x-axis range in combined chart.
#1275 Memory leaks when maintaining Presentation Mode for long time
#1308 Workspaces are not created under certain conditions in I.E Browser.
#1340 ‘No database selected’ error when selecting ‘Overwrite only incremental’ when creating DB type datasource
#1367 The icon in the results pane disappears when you query the workbench.
#1376 should also consider object type not just string type
#1381 Snapshot detail page grid error
#1393 Apply timestamp format to rename pop-up
#1401 Down arrow event in korean input mode.
#1403 SVG icon error in IE
#1406 Dataprep main grid css error
#1438 Filters do not apply to line charts.
#1459 Histogram bar click error in dataprep main grid
#1475 Button has no margin

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