Summary of the 5th Board Meeting

Summary of the 5th Board Meeting

In the 5th board meeting, we’ve discussed about 3.2 release candidates and the future release plan.


Open documentation for Metatron Discovery

Some of you might be noticed, we are developing user documents in the github repository here. Now it’s written in only Korean, but soon English document will be uploaded. And it’s gonna be improved more and more as we are developing the Metatron Discovery functionalities. Your participation is always welcoming! Join the documentation work for other users of Metatron Discovery.

Release history

We’ve made two releases since last borad meeting. This will be the 3.1 minor version. Ad the one we are developing unitl the end of the March will be the 3.2 candidate version of Metatron Discovery.

3.2 release candidate1&2

Its main improvement is focusing on data management usabilities. Now you can use SQL in Metatron Workbench when querying for Druid. Also you can adjust timezone setting when ingestioning data to Druid. Details for 3.2 rc improvments are described below.

Next iteration plan

These are future functionality to develop until the end of the March.

  • Support Multi-Layer + GeoSpatial Analysis (rc3)
    • Operations for intersection, distance and within
  • Add a origin source type (snapshot in Dataprep.)
  • Improve functionality & usability in dashboard
    • Filtering
  • Pluggable.. Extendable structure (DataConnection)
  • Metatron engine(druid) monitoring
  • Renewal meta data management
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