Meet Metatron at the Strata Data Conference 2019

Meet Metatron at the Strata Data Conference 2019

Meet us at the Strata Data Conference! Upcoming Strata Data Conference is held in March 25-28, 2019 in San Francisco. Here we are going to have sessions about new technical improvements of Metatron. We are look forward to seeing you there!


When Self-Service BI meets Geospatial Analysis

  • Speaker: Kyungtaak Noh
  • Date&Time: 2:00pm–2:30pm Tuesday, March 26, 2019
  • Topic: Business Analytics and Visualization
  • Location: 2022
  • Description:

    Currently, at SK Telecom, there is a representative service used by one in two people in Korea. Mobile communication, and Mobile navigation. They have an efficient quality management system and are using a big data-based analysis platform. On the very top of this platform is a self-service BI tool based on apache druid called metatron Discovery. With this tool, we are analyzing the quality indicators that occur from a large amount of data in real time and have been serving successfully.

    On the other hand, in the analysis of the mobile world, anyone would start with the question “WHERE”. So far, we’ve been providing chart or text-oriented analysis, but Users (as quality managers) wanted a more natural way of analysis. That is Geospatial Analysis. We have already done a small scale of analysis either individually or in a specific domain, but the needs to analyze on our more scalable and standardized platforms are rising.

    We are confident that users will experience quick analysis, high availability and easy usage with our tool in which druid is used. Ironically, however, What used to be strengths have turned into challenges in geospatial analysis in geospatial field.

    In this session, we will explain you how we provide easy geospatial analysis to users, how we standardized the domain-specific analysis system using geoserver and how we used lucene to power up geospatial analysis in order to make up for the weaknesses of druid in the geospatial field.

Apache Druid auto scale-out/in for streaming data ingestion on Kubernetes

  • Speaker: Jinchul Kim
  • Date&Time: 4:40pm–5:20pm Thursday, March 28, 2019
  • Topic: Data Engineering & Architecture, Streaming and IoT
  • Location: 2006
  • Description:

    The importance of ingestion and processing streaming data in telecommunication industry is ever increasing. We, SK Telecom which is Korea’s number-one telecommunications provider, encounter how to use infra resources more efficiently. Apache Druid supports auto scaling feature for data ingestion, but it is only available on AWS EC2. We cannot rely on the feature on our private cloud.

    In this talk, we are going to introduce auto scale-out/in on Kubernetes. This approach is more outstanding than Druid’s scaling implementation. Here are the benefits. The first is our approach can be used anywhere on private cloud or (managed) Kubernetes in Azure, AWS and GKE. The second is AWS EC2’s startup and termination requires a few minutes, but our approach requires a few seconds. The last is the scaling mechanism is decoupled from Druid’s source code. We will also share development of Druid Helm chart, rolling update, custom metric usage for horizontal auto scaling.

When & Where

  • March 25-28, 2019
  • JMoscone West, 800 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

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