Introduce Metatron Discovery 3.2.0-rc3

Introduce Metatron Discovery 3.2.0-rc3

Lastest Metatron Discovery, the release candidate version 3 for 3.2, is updated last week! Take a look and try freely via our demo web server. Any questions can be discussed here in the forum.

Main Improvements

Improve performance clustering on map view #1396

When configuring a map layer of point type, the number of points you can get on the map is limited. In order to improve this, we intend to improve the presentation method internally to improve the performance. First, we switched cluster operations to the server side for performance and expressive advantage. And then applied optimization techniques such as bbox filters for efficient server-side operations based on zoom levels.

Support multi-layer on map view widget #1107

From this version, now you can make multiple layers on your map chart! Display any measures what you want to describe on your map.


#657 Add an ingest via data snapshot of data source type
#1107 Support multi-layer on map view widget
#1209 Show the workbench’s connection information from the contents list in the workspace
#1237 Change the concept to equate logical information between datasource and metadata
#1245 Enable to edit column’s logical information of datasource and sync with column of metadata
#1396 Improve performance clustering on map view
#1515 Multi file import function and large file upload function in prep
#1579 Add snapshot table name validation

Bug Fix

#1108 Null pointer error (or infinite waiting) when cannot connect to DB
#1216 Script Error Occurs When You View Column Detail, If You Preview the Chart on the Workbench
#1375 CSV read stops
#1378 column not found error when isnull() is compared
#1380 window rule column generation order
#1404 Remove staging connection api in dataprep
#1420 Expression error in edit rule using column with white space
#1425 If you assign more than 20 users to a user group, only 20 or fewer are exposed
#1444 Multiple filter selection error
#1446 Date/Time filter granularity change error
#1447 Filter edit popup error
#1455 Null pointer exception with json type snapshot
#1468 Hive file compression error when creating snapshot
#1472 remove adding unnecessary advanced filter specification even if doing nothing
#1477 Totalbytes, totalLines missing from server response in file type imported dataset
#1489 A sort error occurs if the data grid contains blanks.
#1492 Cannot read a file with BOM of UTF-8
#1494 An error occurs if the format of the timestamp field is not defined when creating the data source.
#1496 When creating a temporary data source, the user does not know when the data source has been created.
#1532 Fix name input in dataprep (dataset/snapshot)
#1562 Histogram request fails when column count is too big (>1800)
#1568 CSV read error (header processing)

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