Review the 10th Druid Meetup in Seoul, Korea

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Review the 10th Druid Meetup in Seoul, Korea

Last night was the Druid meetup day in Seoul! More than 50 Druid developers and users gathered to discuss opinions and have a meaningful time together. It was the event that most people attended so far. We are so happy for about it.

Below is materials of last night sessions.

First one is about a TPC-H test on SQL in Druid. It works like a charm when implementing SQLs on our Druid branch. So we decided to test TPC-H test. Results can be seen in the slides.

Next is about anomaly detection algorithms in Druid. We develop this in our branched Druid and make it as a application system named as an Anoamly Detection. We ported EGADS from Yahoo to our Druid.

We are trying to open the Druid meetup every quater. The fastest news for the meetup will be updated at our site. Please look forward to next one! There is a small present only for the presenters. Please contact us freely if you want to have a presestation about Druid!

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