For a better end-to-end analysis environment: Metatron Discovery Enterprise Edition

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For a better end-to-end analysis environment: Metatron Discovery Enterprise Edition


Metatron Discovery was launched four years ago to facilitate SK Telecom‘s in-house network analysis. Over the past four years, SK Telecom has made several innovations in data analysis with Metatron Discovery and has grown to become a daily platform for over 900 users today. We believe that this platform has had a very significant impact on improving analytical work, and we have been working to extend it to other industries as well. We have successfully applied Metatron Discovery to several other companies in Korea, and we are confident that we can be extended to a wider area. Above all, what we want is to help more users to improve their analysis environment using Metatron Discovery. This will lead to many improvements and improve our product also.

Metatron Discovery Usecases

We are proud that Metatron Discovery is part of the open source revolution, and it is the most important that we must support for the open source community. We also noticed that every issue arising from the open source community is very important and valuable than anything else. We will continue to maintain Metatron Discovery as an open source, and continue to develop a community where more developers and vendors can participate. Based on this belief, we will be releasing new features such as Stream Analyzer and Meta Data Management, which are currently under development, as an open source soon.

Metatron Discovery Github Repository

However, there are some areas where it is difficult to quickly respond as an open source in the enterprise analysis environment. Many difficulties in the enterprise environment, such as the installation of clusters, the resolution of urgent errors, and the support for management operations of complex systems, are difficult to solve with open source and community alone. We have been working with our partners and professional developers to quickly resolve many of the challenges of applying Metatron Discovery in the enterprise, and finally, we are releasing that enterprise version today.

Data Portal: Special feature for Enterprise Edition

The enterprise edition includes not only the products of the Metatron Discovery team but also the partners’ products that we have worked with. We are happy to develop and expand with our partners together. Check out the pricing plan and compare with open source version.

We believe that the enterprise edition will provide the foundation for using Metatron Discovery in enterprise environments or for building products based on it. We are sure Metatron Discovery will grow even further. Feel free to Contact us if you have questions about enterprise edition.

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