New releases: Metatron Discovery 3.2.4 & 3.3.0(rc1)

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New releases: Metatron Discovery 3.2.4 & 3.3.0(rc1)


Again, we bring you new release news from Metatron Discovery! Starting with this release, the release cycle has changed to 3 weeks instead of 2 weeks to pay more attention to the completeness of the product. As the development period has increased, we intend to distribute it with more care for the integrity of the product. This time, we bring you two releases. One has up-to-date new features for 3.3.0 minor release but not stabilized yet. The other is a stable version of the last releases. Then let’s see what has been improved.

Metatron Discovery 3.3.0_rc1

For 3.3.0 release, we are improving data source usabilities for ingestion and metadata management.

Support changing column schema on ingestion stage (#1202, #1920)

Now you can do more when creating data sources. When setup schema of data source for ingestion stage, now you can change the column name & can delete user defined columns. Edit your own data schema for using proper analysis job from now on.

Enhance re-ingestion datasource with file(#2178)

When druid data source ingestion fails, you had to re-do the whole steps for data ingestion. But from the 3.3.0-rc1, it can be processed with just a one click. Quick re-ingestion is only available for local file type data source yet. But by next release we will cover db-connection type data source also.

Creating a metadata by database in data connection(#1539)

Manage your metadata on all db connections supported by Metatron Discovery. Now we support straight registration for metadata on your databases. Are you a data manager? Make a connection with your DBs and register multiple metadata tables at once.

Metatron Discovery 3.2.4

This is a stable version for the previous 3.2.x releases. We’ve efforted to catch the bugs in this release. Hope you will experience more stability. For instance, we fixed an error related to a DB connection when loading the dataset in data preparation. Check out our release note for the details.

Metatron optimized Druid 3.2.4

From now on, we highly recommend to upgrade your Druid according to the Metatron Discovery version. Use druid-metatron-3.2.4.tar.gz. We got massive updates as follows:

Update easymock to 3.4 (#2162)
Support 한글 token in SQL parser (#2160)
Support router in single mode (#2155)
Fix tasks command at DruidShell (#2143)
Support more result formats and column header at SQL (#2141)
Support full param to supervisor api (#2140)
Support for router forwarding request to active coordinator/overlord (#2139)
Implment SQLMetadataStorageActionHandler (#2138)
Improve task retrieval APIs on Overlord (#2137)
Apply java8 (#2136)
Introduce SystemSchema tables (#2135)
Add Unified web console (#2134)
Hadoop ingestion in ReduceMerge mode does not progress from second index (#2151)
Do not keep index in memory for index viewer (#2121)
Minor log message improvements (#2124)
Remove classpath from logging in MiddleManager (#2123)
Regard U+00A0 as whitespace (#2122)
Fix NPE when dimension spec is not exists (#2117)
Result of hive udaf is not deterministic (#2116)

How to get version 3.2.4 or 3.3.0-rc1

You can always download the latest version of Metatron Discovery at Choose one from 3 types of installation: Binary, VM, Docker image. Leave your problems to our forum if you get stuck or need help for installation.

Thanks always for using Metatron Discovery! We’ll back to soon with a new release.

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