New releases: Metatron Discovery 3.2.5 & 3.3.0(rc2)

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New releases: Metatron Discovery 3.2.5 & 3.3.0(rc2)


Finally new release of Metatron Discovery is came out! We provide you two seperate version from the last iteration. One is stable version which is 3.2.5 now. The other one is the second release candidate of version 3.3.0, which has not yet stabilized enough, but reflects the latest features. Let’s see what has been improved:

Metatron Discovery 3.3.0 rc2

Enhance displaying the resources associated with the item in the workspace (#2167)

From now on, you can view whole information from the main page of your workspace. Along with some design changes, let you know the (un)publishing status of the resources associated with the item. Your authorization, errors, language you use in Notebook, and type of data connection for Workbench are graphically added to show you in one page.

Improve Java version 12 compatibility (#1704)

We officially suggest jdk 8, but need to support upper versions. If you are jdk 11 or 12 user, then use Metatron Discovery with no need to install jdk 8.

Bug Fixes

Back button toward dataflow list acts like browser back button (#2232)
‘Series Percent’ needs to be modified so that the sum of the bar charts is 100 percent. (#2184)
The user-defined field is not working in the prediction line (#2227)
In dataflows no other join type besides an inner join works (#2241)
Validation is disabled when a column dictionary of type timestamp is connected. (#2242)
If a permission schema is deleted, workspaces which are linked in the permission schema is not changed (#2214)
If the measurement is null, it must be able to be replaced with a negative value in the data source ingestion process. (#2120)
Unexpected retry occurs when a query fails. (#2272)
Fix error during processing DB connection in workbench (#2250)
A snapshot that contains join rules looks like empty. (#2216)
Treat null values and empty strings the same way. (#2243)

Metatron Discovery 3.2.5

3.2.5 is a more stable version of Metatron Discovery. We focused on fixing bugs including error for displaying percentage on bar chart series Check out our release note for the details.

Bug Fixes

Fix Exceptionhandler to include HttpMessageNotWritableException (#2321)
Fix the count of workbook dashboard in workspace (#2314)
Fix dataconnection un-publishing checkbox (#2311)
Add format placeholder in column dictionary detail (#2308)
Fix authentication script error when updating connection component (#2306)
Fix default dataconnection icon of extensions (#2303)
Remove browser scrolling when updating a dashboard (#2297)
Fix column dictionary’s name duplicated check (#2296)
History back is not allowed on dataflow pages (#2232)
Fix error for including user defined field in prediction line (#2227)
If a permission schema deleted then set default permission schema (#2214)
Fix error for displaying percentage on bar chart series (#2184)
Change hibernate property(connection.release_mode) to after_transaction (#2250)
Add document for application properties guide (#2246)
Fix typos and add comment for extensions (#2248)

Metatron Optimized Druid 3.2.5

We upgrade Druid features along with new release of Metatron Discovery. You need to upgrade your Druid according to the Discovery version. Use druid-metatron-3.2.5.tar.gz from the assets of this release page.

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