New releases: Metatron Discovery 3.2.6 patch & 3.3.0(rc3)

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New releases: Metatron Discovery 3.2.6 patch & 3.3.0(rc3)


We are back with the update on our newest release of Metatron Discovery! We have two versions ready – a new stable version for 3.2.6 and a new release candidate of version 3.3.0. For the stable version we introduce you the 3.2.6, and for 3.3.0 we present the third release candidate. Explore our recent improvements:

Metatron Discovery 3.3.0 rc3

Improved notebook functionality

Changed Notebook server connection information to URL from existing hostname and port (#2240)
Previously, adding a notebook server required two separate fields: host address and port address. Now you can add notebook servers by simply entering the URL.

Added release function in setting a notebook server in workspace (#2170)
When setting a notebook server in your workspace, you can now reset your connections to none by selecting ‘None’ at the top of the server list. You cannot select ‘None’ on both Jupyter and Zeppelin, because at least one notebook server among the two must be connected to create a notebook.

Other minor improvements

Added reset function of value aliases for data columns in the dashboard (#2086)
Improved load performance of shared workspace list view (#2366)
Unnecessary query calls were reduced for better process of shared workspace list.

Bug Fixes

When creating a data source, up to 20 table lists are displayed. (#2363)
Error adding or changing global variables in workbench (#2360)
Values ​​in KPI charts are displayed incorrectly if user-defined columns exist (#2342)
KPI chart spelling mistake (#2334)
Map view chart can not be added to the dashboard. (#2331)
Change pop-up title when deleting data connection (#2323)
Can’t configure datasource column as date/time if data set starts with null / empty values (#2294)
Bugs that do not reflect values when changing the last value of several fields (#2085)

Metatron Discovery 3.2.6

3.2.6 is the updated stable version for the previous 3.2.x releases. We worked on several bug fixes including an error on KPI chart value display with user-defined columns. Check out our release note for the details.

Metatron Optimized Druid 3.2.6

As we upgrade Druid features along with the upgrade of Metatron Discovery, we recommend upgrading your Druid according to the Discovery. Use druid-metatron-3.2.6.tar.gz from the assets on the release page.

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