Metatron Discovery Launches Advanced APM, a facility monitoring/analysis solution

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Metatron Discovery Launches Advanced APM, a facility monitoring/analysis solution


Metatron is an open “eco-system” of applications for industrial data analytics. This ecosystem consists of a variety of apps such as Discovery and Machine Vision. Today we introduce our new app ‘APM’, which stands for ‘Asset Performance Management’.

There are common challenges when managing asset performances in the manufacturing industry domain:

  • Productivity and Quality loss due to equipment failure
  • The high replacement cost of critical components
  • Long repair time
  • Inefficient manual ad-hoc maintenance plans
  • Siloed production systems incurring inefficiency

Advanced APM is an equipment status management system designed to overcome does problems effectively. Equipment is an industrial corporate’s main asset. Metatron Discovery engine is optimized for machine log data (time series data) monitoring and analysis. Powered by this engine, APM goes beyond the IT & BI field to the field of analytics modeling.

With the topic of smart factory, the term predictive maintenance has emerged as a keyword in terms of manufacturing and analysis. Traditionally, equipment maintenance job is done periodically or by condition-based. However, this is a waste of money preventing the asset from running for maintenance, even if the asset is healthy. By utilizing the AI analytics models, Advanced APM not only shows the current status but also predicts, analyzes errors in advance and implement optimization.

Advanced APM has verified industry’s use case

Key Features of Advanced APM

Easy & Quick Self-Management

  • High usability: easy and quick management of users (site engineers)
  • Quick deployment: Asset Template helps quick deployment and model adaptation which leads to quick real-time data monitoring and anomaly detection.
  • Dynamic dashboard: Advanced APM offers AI-driven dynamic reports with an intuitive, customizable view.
Advanced APM can deliver meaningful insights quickly

Factory-wide Extensibility

  • Flexible management for adding new facilities/sensors or site expansion
  • Asset hierarchy: Manage assets hierarchically by factories or lines.
  • Asset level: Monitor assets at a glance by various levels such as factory/line/ individual asset or sensor data
  • Role-based monitoring: View and process according to roles
Various users can use self-design view via Advanced APM

Variety of models using AI

  • Setup, manage/internalize analysis models by applying the latest analysis method.
  • Applying a variety of analysis methods enables and provides the following:
    • Real-time Health Status monitoring
    • Fault Detection: visualization, cause analysis and type identification of fault influencing parameter
    • Fault Classification: of types and cause by analyzing vibration spectrum data
    • RUL (Remaining Useful Life) Prediction: by analyzing sensor/past data
  • Model combination of Rule-based and ML/AI based
  • Ad-hoc analytics: additional deep-dive analysis with Metatron Discovery
Advanced APM has AI-driven capabilities

Context-aware & Adaptive System

  • Auto-sensing of operation environment, model update, and performance optimization
  • Auto Update:
    • cloud-enabled system optimization on system operation level + AI-driven model optimization on user application level
    • sustainable model performance
  • Tuning by engineer
Advanced APM will find and deliver insights in any context

Detail Key Features with Comparisons

Advanced APM Other APM solutions PdM Solutions Traditional Condition Monitoring
Connectivity & Visualization Cloud Support(Public/Private) O O Private Only
Plantwide asset health dashboard O O O
Applications Real-time asset health monitoring O O O O
Asset remaining useful life prediction O O O
Deep-dive ad-hoc analytics O
Fault classification(asset failure model library) O O Selected Selected
Prescriptive maintenance with enterprise integration O(roadmap) O
Capabilities AI-driven optimized data engine O O O
User data modeling integration O O
Unsupervised anomaly prediction O

Getting started with Advanced APM:

Advanced APM has a clear 3 steps to get started:

  1. Identify your use case
    • Define the problem or process for improvement
    • Define the value of the improvement
  2. Assess your environment
    • Assess data collection capability and strategy
    • Assess knowledge on present asset
  3. Deploy & Operate
    • Deploy quickly and customize freely
    • Operate a self-defined model and view with professional support service

Join us to accelerate your business in the time of Industry 4.0 TODAY! Our cloud-based, AI-driven suite of end-to-end IoT platform will be your best partner.

Benefits of applying Advanced APM

If you have any questions, just feel free to contact us!

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