Introduce Metatron Discovery Guide Videos!

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Introduce Metatron Discovery Guide Videos!

Hello, users! We got good news for you. Now you can see guide videos from Metatron Discovery Youtube channel. Details about user scenarios, use cases, ex-pack, and features of Metatron Discovery is described on videos. Unfortunately only Korean subtitles are available for now.


Metatron Discovery features videos demonstrate about workbook, workbench and data preparation in detail:

Use Cases

We have prepared a video on how Metatron Discovery can be used in two different industries: Manufacturing and Financial service.

User Scenarios

Data scientists, citizen data scientists, SQL users, System managers, and operators use Metatron Discovery differently. Take a look at how they can utilize it to solve their problems.


Guide videos about Metatron Discovery EX-packs for anomaly detection and workflow integrator is also available here.

Hope this guide can help you and your organization to understand more about Metatron Discovery in detail! If you have any questions about the videos, feel free to ask us!

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