Summary of 13th Board Meeting

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Summary of 13th Board Meeting


First of all, we would like to thank our users and contributors who attended. In the 13th board meeting, we’ve discussed about 3.4 release candidates and the future release plan.


Serveral conferences are held in Korea these days. We are attending some of the events and running a booth to demonstrate our Metatron products.

New Features Released

Through second time iterations, we made 3 big features all around.

Engine Monitoring

It largely consists of 4 feature sets: Overview, Ingestion, Datasource, and Query. Currently you can see two functions for now: “Overview” to check druid node status in cluster at a glance, and “Ingestion” to check ingestion status. We plan to develop the other two features soon.

Dark Theme

In addition to the Metatron Basic UI, we introduced the Black/Dark theme! You can toogle between a light and dark mode in Metatron Discovery. Try it out and please let us know what it feels like!

Support Real-time Ingestion

Stream type of data source, which have always been blocked, are finally available. It is now easy to create real-time data sources through easy UI, rather than using API only.

The Iteration we’ve done so far has included a variety of bug fixs and enhancements other than the above. We’re going to go through two or three of iterations before the next minor release. At that time, we will focus on strengthening the new additions and increasing the completeness.

Free talk

First, we talked about engine monitoring. The participants were generally satisfied with this function. In addition, there was an opinion that the operator would be able to manage efficiently if it were connected to the resources managed within the Metatron Discovery. For example, if you find a query that took a long time, you should be able to check which dashboard was called.

One participant who has been using Metatron Discovery since two years ago has given advice for us. Thankfully, He made it easy to generate data analytics reports thanks to Metatron Discovery and he was very happy to use such a great tool as an open source. And he suggested some of the necessary functions while using them.

In summary:
– When specifying chart filters, it is necessary to configure them to have sequential dependencies.
– Need to improve join function like performance, joins with two or more columns
– Complement the detailed functions related with the chart.
ex. Size of the value between attribution in the combo chart If Variance is large, expressive

We will discuss and include some of the suggestions, which is compatible with exisitng structure, to our future release plan.

If you have any questions or suggestions, leave us your ideas to the user forum or to email(! Always thanks to you using and have interests to us. Keep your eyes on us! Will be back soon with upcomming news! 🙂

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