Introducing Metatron Grandview Mobile App

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Introducing Metatron Grandview Mobile App


Metatron Grandview is a solution for real-time monitoring of operating facilities using Druid. In particular, it is possible to prevent unexpected breakdown of equipment by predicting equipment failure in advance based on the status data of equipment collected in real time.

Metatron Grandview with these features is about to be released. The new release, version 2.0, has features such as model support developed with Tensorflow, improved alarms, and the introduction of a CMMS function, but the most notable is that it has started providing mobile-only apps.

Metatron Grandview’s Mobile App supports Android and IOS, and in addition to smart phones, it also provides a dedicated screen for a large screen tablet. In addition, through the Alarm Push function, it is possible to immediately know if there is a problem with the equipment anytime, anywhere, and it is possible to immediately check the status of the equipment in the field through a QR code.

The following are some of the screens of Metatron Grandview’s Mobile App. Please contact us for more details.

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