Advanced APM

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Advanced APM

AI-driven asset performance management solution

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Improving the efficiency of your manufacturing infrastructure is a very demanding task. With Advanced APM, you can build asset maps for your business super easy and quick. All asset data is being monitored and used to apply various AI models to mitigate operational risks and improve overall reliability, efficiency, and availability.



Reduce equipment downtime

Notice immediately before your asset fails. AI helps you to detect significant failure signs.


Increase asset utilization

Keep your assets running 24/7 in a healthy condition.


Increase production quality

Replace parts record low efficiency. Reduce the number of poor quality products significantly.


Reduce maintenance costs

No more periodic inspections. Only repair assets when they happen to break.


Introduce advanced APM solution powered by Metatron Discovery!

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Easy & Quick Self Management

Get real-time asset performance status from your assets and sensors within 1 hour. Deploy your asset to the system from pre-defined templates. Monitor asset status updates in real-time with a dynamic dashboard view.

Factory-wide Extensibility

Managing a lot of equipment in a factory is a complex process. Advanced APM makes it easy to manage assets by registering them as a hierarchy. Monitor your entire asset at a variety of levels at a factory, line, or individual level. Depending on the user’s role, different management points are collected to provide an optimal monitoring view.

Various AI-based analytics models

Get help from AI to continuously analyze the condition of your assets. In addition to real-time asset health monitoring, anomaly detection, fault diagnosis types, and remaining life predictions can be provided to prevent problems before they occur. It is also convenient to perform deep-dive analysis immediately with Metatron Discovery.

Context-aware & Adaptive system

No need to worry about updating your AI model, even if you do equipment maintenance. Advanced APM immediately catches events that affect sensor data trends and automatically updates the models that apply them. Therefore, the performance of the model continues to increase.

Fast Alarm Notification & Sharing

Advanced APM alerts you quickly. On-site personnel can check the details of the alarm and the current status of the asset directly on the mobile, leaving immediate feedback and writing the result of the action. The true and false alarms are automatically relearned and applied to the asset model later.