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Announce the 10th Druid Meetup in Seoul, Korea

The Druid@Seoul Meetup is dedicated to bringing together users and developers of Druid to exchange knowledge, insight, and spur the adoption of Druid for innovative research and commercial applications. If you wish to present, please email to or Date : 03 Apr, 2019 Time : 18:30 – 20:30 Place : Spark Plus Gangnam…
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Running TPC-H using SQL in Druid

Since 2016, there have been frequent requests to run SQL in the druid. As a result, Apache Druid introduced it as a experimental feature ( Using it, we improve the function to support more powerful SQL than original’s. Here you can download the Metatron engine powered by Druid here. Built-in SQL in Apache Druid Apache…
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Meet Metatron at the Strata Data Conference 2019

Meet us at the Strata Data Conference! Upcoming Strata Data Conference is held in March 25-28, 2019 in San Francisco. Here we are going to have sessions about new technical improvements of Metatron. We are look forward to seeing you there! Sessions When Self-Service BI meets Geospatial Analysis Speaker: Kyungtaak Noh Date&Time: 2:00pm–2:30pm Tuesday, March…
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Summary of the 5th Board Meeting

In the 5th board meeting, we’ve discussed about 3.2 release candidates and the future release plan. News Open documentation for Metatron Discovery Some of you might be noticed, we are developing user documents in the github repository here. Now it’s written in only Korean, but soon English document will be uploaded. And it’s gonna be…
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