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Summary for the second board meeting

Metatron 2nd monthly board meeting was held on November 14th at SKT-tower, Seoul. We discussed about three main agendas below: Recent news Release history Release plan Recent News Rising star! Github Star has been increased in number. It has risen sharply compared to the board meeting last time. Also, this website has more visitors from…
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Digital Determination Conf 2018 Successfully Held

A Successful Conference Metatron’s 1st conference, the Digital Determination Conference (DDC) 2018 was successfully held on November 19th. Hosted at SUPEX Hall of SKT-tower, Seoul, it attracted over 500 participants of developers and business partners from various industries. Our aim of the conference was to “Reveal the Power of Data & AI in Industries”. We…
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Digital Determination Conf 2018 with Metatron

The digital determination conference 2018 is a gathering of global data experts to discuss many of the latest examples of IoT and artificial intelligence in the manufacturing and industrial fields. We chose AI / Cloud / Open Source as the core of the industry’s digital determination. We will share stories of innovative solutions to industry…
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Metatron Discovery 3.0.6 is out

Metatron Discovery 3.0.6 is released. We’ve made some enhancements and fix some significant bugs. Important release features are described following. Main Improvements Improve handling status of datasource ingestion One of the advantages of Metatron Discovery is that you can ingest data sources into Druid in a Web GUI environment. So far you have not been…
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