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Dark Theme : Metatron Discovery’s New Theme

Metatron Discovery is basically a reporting system that gives users insight. However, add-ons such as anomaly detection algorithms are often used for monitoring, so a dark background color is sometimes more effective for taking advantage of the system. Metatron Discovery is proposing a new theme. Here we propose some concept design of the dark theme.…
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Metatron Discovery 3.0.7 is released.

Metatron Discovery 3.0.7 is released. Now we are heading to 3.1.0 version, which is the first stable release of Metatron Discovery 3.0. Currently we have a QA period and will fix all the bugs found this time. We will release 3.1.0 version after all these QA steps are done and we supposed it will be…
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Review the DDC 2018

The Digital Determination Conference 2018 ended successfully on last Monday. The sketch of that day is also posted this blog. Check this out below. Digital Determination Conf 2018 Successfully Held Also for those who didn’t make to attend, we would like to share some keynotes, session videos with slides. Thank you for your interest in…
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Summary for the second board meeting

Metatron 2nd monthly board meeting was held on November 14th at SKT-tower, Seoul. We discussed about three main agendas below: Recent news Release history Release plan Recent News Rising star! Github Star has been increased in number. It has risen sharply compared to the board meeting last time. Also, this website has more visitors from…
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