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Review the 11th Druid Meetup in Seoul, Korea

The 11th Druid Meetup in Seoul is successfully held on last Thursday. The meetup went along in casual atmosphere with beer and some finger foods. (The foods are supported by Bespin Global) Approximately 30 people attended this meetup. The event consists of 4 Presentations with various topics. The people who participated in the meetup freely…
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Announce the 11th Druid Meetup in Seoul, Korea

The Druid@Seoul Meetup is dedicated to bringing together users and developers of Druid to exchange knowledge, insight, and spur the adoption of Druid for innovative research and commercial applications. Light meals and beer are available so please attend! 🙂 If you wish to present, please email to or Date : 03 Apr, 2019…
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New Releases: Metatron Discovery 3.3.1 & 3.4.0(rc1)

Hello, users! We are back to you with new updates on Metatron Discovery. We have two versions ready – a new stable version 3.3.1 and a first release candidate of version 3.4.0. Explore our recent improvements: Metatron Discovery 3.4.0 rc1 Support Black Theme Apply black design theme and change global UI function (#2388)Finally, you can…
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Anomaly Detection on Real-time Server Load Data

Let’s walk-through quickly on how to detect abnormal events with Metatron Discovery EX-pack: Anomaly Detection. Learn how to set alarm rules with real-time data and get alarms on abnormal events. The dataset for the test is describing usage levels on CPU, memory, I/O and network of 10 servers in the 2 clusters. They are updated…
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