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Summary of the first board meeting in 2021

The first board meeting in 2021 was finished.We share what we discussed during the meeting below, so please refer to it.

Announcement of the first Discovery Board Meeting in 2021.

We would like to announce the first board meeting for 2021. Check schedules and feel free to come and join us! Please share your comments and feedback so we all can be better prepared. Your presence is highly appreciated. Please confirm your attendance and let us know by contact us. Looking forward to meeting you there!…
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New Releases: Metatron Discovery 2021.1

We are announcing the news of the first release in 2021. The version for this release is 2021.1.For more information, please refer to the Github Release page. (2021.1) This release includes features from 3.4.0-RC1 to 3.4.0-RC4, and includes many other bug fixes. For each RC release note, please refer to the links below.3.4.0-RC13.4.0-RC23.4.0-RC33.4.0-RC4 Introduce engine(druid)…
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Using Druid as a linked data source in Metatron Discovery

When creating a dashboard from a data source already loaded in Druid, it is often difficult to visualize with Metatron Discovery when complex queries such as subquery are required. In such a case, it can be solved by creating a Linked Datasource after creating an appropriate query using Druid SQL. 1. Data Set Use the…
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