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Using node shell of Metatron distributed Druid

The Metatron distributed Druid provides a shell for viewing various information of Druid. Most of the functions provided by the shell can be checked through Druid’s API. However, the shell makes it possible to use most of the functionality provided by the Druid API without the need for a separate tools like curl. Let’s look…
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New Stable Release: Metatron Discovery 3.3.0

We are happy to announce that Metatron Discovery 3.3.0 is now available! Metatron Discovery contains many usability features that extend beyond that release. In the Metatron Discovery 3.3.0 release, we finally show you metadata management and searching features, as well as imporved UIs in data ingestion and compatibility with Java 12. In this post, we…
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Introduce Metatron Discovery Guide Videos!

Hello, users! We got good news for you. Now you can see guide videos from Metatron Discovery Youtube channel. Details about user scenarios, use cases, ex-pack, and features of Metatron Discovery is described on videos. Unfortunately only Korean subtitles are available for now. Features Metatron Discovery features videos demonstrate about workbook, workbench and data preparation…
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Metatron Discovery Launches Advanced APM, a facility monitoring/analysis solution

Metatron is an open “eco-system” of applications for industrial data analytics. This ecosystem consists of a variety of apps such as Discovery and Machine Vision. Today we introduce our new app ‘APM’, which stands for ‘Asset Performance Management’. There are common challenges when managing asset performances in the manufacturing industry domain: Productivity and Quality loss…
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