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How to Use Hive UDFs with Druid

Metatron distributed Druid supports SQL like Apache Druid. It also provides more usability by supporting the Hive’s UDF and UDAF. In this article, we will see how to register and use UDFs written in Hive with the Metatron distributed Druid. Note: You must download the latest hotfix Metatron distributed Druid for using the UDF plugin.…
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Using node shell of Metatron distributed Druid

The Metatron distributed Druid provides a shell for viewing various information of Druid. Most of the functions provided by the shell can be checked through Druid’s API. However, the shell makes it possible to use most of the functionality provided by the Druid API without the need for a separate tools like curl. Let’s look…
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New releases: Metatron Discovery 3.2.4 & 3.3.0(rc1)

Again, we bring you new release news from Metatron Discovery! Starting with this release, the release cycle has changed to 3 weeks instead of 2 weeks to pay more attention to the completeness of the product. As the development period has increased, we intend to distribute it with more care for the integrity of the…
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What’s New: Apache Druid unified web console in Metatron Discovery

Apache Druid implemented unified web consle from 0.14 version. Before the console, Druid has three web consles for the coordinator, overlord and old-coordinator which are disconnected with each other. That’s why Apache Druid proposed new unified web console. (Still old consoles are existed.) Detail improvement history is linked here. We also have our own engine…
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