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Share your workbook with your colleagues!

Did you create a workbook with Metatron Discovery? Then you can share your insightful workbook with your colleagues. 1. Create a shared workspace The first thing you need to do is, create a shared workspace. Go to the Workspace List and click the ⊕ button on the Shared Workspace page. Then just type a name…
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Let’s embed a Dashboard or Chart in another application

If you’ve analyzed your business data and created a great dashboard or chart, you might want to include it on another system or web page. Fortunately, Metatron Discovery provides a way to embed dashboards or charts in other applications. First, let’s assume that a dashboard and chart have been pre-created through a particular user ‘metatron’.…
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Building a Simple Map View – Geospatial Data with Metatron Discovery 2

We’ve introduced how to load point type geometry data source and creating multilayers in our previous blog article: Analyzing geospatial data with Metatron Discovery This time we’ll discuss further – about applying polygon data, one of the geo types, and building a more concrete geospatial analysis with it. 0. Use case I like the city…
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Intuitively discovering and exploring a Sales dataset with Metatron Workbook

Metatron Workbook is a dashboard set that composed of multiple charts. It is an easy way to quickly explore a new dataset without typing any code. In this scenario we are using the Sales dataset to measure sales performances. Let’s continue in the video demo: Data Preparation Importing your local dataset with easy drag&drop. CSV,…
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