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Metatron Discovery 3.0.5 is out

This is a particularly big release, as we’ve shipped a number of features the team has been wanting for a year. With this version, we’ve provided interactivity for the visualizations for location data and allow you to iteratively view data job logs. This version includes important new features such as map analysis, data monitoring, and…
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Introduction to Map Analysis

It takes a long time to introduce metatron’s Map analysis. Druid’s metatron distribution now supports a variety of location-based analyzes. Upcoming releases will include some experimental features. We plan to release the completed version in 3.1.0 scheduled for January 2019, starting with the introduction of 3.0.5 from the upcoming release. We share a simple design…
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Change the screen size of your dashboard

The default screen layout setting of Metatron’s dashboard is set to “Fit to Screen” by default. In other words, the screen size of the dashboard is based on the size of the screen you are currently viewing. However, you might want to put as many charts in one dashboard as you need. To do this,…
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Summary for the First Board Meeting

As announced earlier, our first monthly board meeting was held on October 12th at SKT-tower, Seoul. Committers and stakeholders of metatron were present. We shared ideas on our three main agendas: Open-source development process and policies Release history and future release plans Issues in-progress Stay updated with this brief review for the meeting! Development process…
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