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New Releases: Metatron Discovery 3.3.1 & 3.4.0(rc1)

Hello, users! We are back to you with new updates on Metatron Discovery. We have two versions ready – a new stable version 3.3.1 and a first release candidate of version 3.4.0. Explore our recent improvements: Metatron Discovery 3.4.0 rc1 Support Black Theme Apply black design theme and change global UI function (#2388)Finally, you can…
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Anomaly Detection on Real-time Server Load Data

Let’s walk-through quickly on how to detect abnormal events with Metatron Discovery EX-pack: Anomaly Detection. Learn how to set alarm rules with real-time data and get alarms on abnormal events. The dataset for the test is describing usage levels on CPU, memory, I/O and network of 10 servers in the 2 clusters. They are updated…
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New Stable Release: Metatron Discovery 3.3.0

We are happy to announce that Metatron Discovery 3.3.0 is now available! Metatron Discovery contains many usability features that extend beyond that release. In the Metatron Discovery 3.3.0 release, we finally show you metadata management and searching features, as well as imporved UIs in data ingestion and compatibility with Java 12. In this post, we…
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Introduce Metatron Discovery Guide Videos!

Hello, users! We got good news for you. Now you can see guide videos from Metatron Discovery Youtube channel. Details about user scenarios, use cases, ex-pack, and features of Metatron Discovery is described on videos. Unfortunately only Korean subtitles are available for now. Features Metatron Discovery features videos demonstrate about workbook, workbench and data preparation…
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