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Metatron Discovery’s connection extension for Microsoft SQL Server

Currently, there are five types of Supported DB in Metatron Discovery. MySQL Hive PostgreSQL Presto Druid But you may need to connect to a DB other than those listed above. For example, Microsoft SQL Server. It is not so difficult if the DB you want to connect to provides a JDBC driver. Add the connection…
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Create a dashboard with Presto DB and Druid

Hello, users! This time we want to show you how to draw a dashboard using data stored in Presto! By default, Metatron Discovery relies on Druid to create charts. But when you cannot create charts you want using existing data source in Druid, that’s a way to use “Linked Datasource”. Below is a simple data…
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Show Hive Query Log in Workbench

Improve Workbench usability One of the most accessed databases with Discovery’s workbench tools is Hive. People use the workbench to perform queries that take tens of minutes to even hours. There have been many usability improvement requirements associated with this. I would like to talk about one of them, “Show log of running query”. Show…
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Querying SQL using Metatron’s Workbench

Metatron’s Workbench is used to execute SQL queries. It is usually used in the early stages of data exploration, and it is also used before using Workbook or Notebook. In this article, you will learn how to perform simple SQL queries in the workbench. First, for a simple example, we will connect to a database…
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