Installation Guide: Docker

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Running the Metatron Docker image

We provide docker image for easy-installation of Metatron Discovery and the druid customized engine. To run this docker image, you only need linux command window! For now, we support simple download for single mode of druid only. Please contact us if you specially need the distributed version.


Metatron Docker repository

Execute the docker image

To run the docker image in quickstart mode(single-machine, non-clustered), execute the following command to run.

docker run -i -d --rm -m 6G -p ${HOST_DISCOVERY_PORT:=8180}:8180 \--name metatron-discovery metatronapp/discovery:latest

To access the logs and service of druid or mariadb in docker container, expose the service’s ports and log path.

-p ${HOST_BROKER_PORT:=8081}:8081
-p ${HOST_HISTORICAL_PORT:=8083}:8083
-p ${HOST_OVERLORD_PORT:=8090}:8090
-v ${HOST_DRUID_LOGS_PATH:="./logs/druid"}:/usr/local/druid/logs
-v ${HOST_DISCOVERY_LOGS_PATH:="./logs/discovery"}:/usr/local/metatron/logs

To enter the container, if you want:

docker exec -it metatron-discovery /bin/bash

To stop the container, if you want:

docker stop metatron-discovery

To access Metatron Discovery, go to http://localhost:${HOST_DISCOVERY_PORT:=8180}. (The default admin user account is provided as Username: admin, PW: admin.)