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Metatron Discovery Enterprise Edition

Innovate your Enterprise’s Big Data Analysis

Metatron Discovery Enterprise Edition provides innovative capabilities for data analysts, system operators and administrators to collect, process, analyze and visualize enterprise data. Analyze enterprise data more reliably and quickly and also benefit from support and training from data experts.




Fully utilize the full Metatron Discovery package which includes all EX-packs and special features.




Get access to comprehensive support and in-depth education of Metatron Discovery.




Compare the benefits of Enterprise Edition and Open Source Edition.


Discover insights at once

Metatron Discovery

Metatron Discovery is an open source big data analysis platform that supports the whole process of data analysis from cleansing to visualization. Fully utilize Metatron Discovery with support from our dedicated team.

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Share, Co-work with your team

Data Portal

Communication and sharing are the best tools to make things easier. Metatron Data Portal provides an enterprise level channel for data analysts, developers, and business users to communicate. Publish your analysis applications and reports across the enterprise and subscribe to useful reports that are continuously updated. Metatron data portal creates a way to efficiently work on your data foundation.

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Track the source of your data

Data Lineage

Wondering how data was created by joining or linking from various sources? Do you want to know where the data in the table’s columns started? With Data Lineage, you can immediately see a whole history of how your data was created.

Get the right alarm at the right moment

Anomaly Detection

Are you struggling with rare failure events which has significant impact? You no longer have to wait and tackle it down once it happens. Built-in ML-based anomaly detection models allow you to immediately detect anomalies and take action on live stream data. Do not be stressed. Prevent problems in advance and quickly find causes.

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Design and schedule ETL jobs in minutes

Workflow Integrator

Manage your multi-cluster envrionment ETL operations from a single page. Register and connect various ETL jobs and monitor the results. You can prepare the data for analysis in a flash. The alarm periodically reports the results at a glance.

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No more struggles with set up or usage problems. Within 2 to 6 hours(depending on your billing policy), our skilled solution experts will work on your problem with you.

Quickly learn the basic and advanced features!


Gain access to online training which is included in the Enterise Edition. Fully understand the features and Know-hows. Start analyzing your data in a short period of time.

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Open Source Edition

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Enterprise Edition

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featureMetatron Discovery
featureData Portal
featureData Lineage
EX-packAnomaly Detection
EX-packWorkflow Integrator
Initial Response Time
per domain < 2H
per server < 6H
per node < 6H
supportOnline Installation/Upgrade
supportEmergency Patch
per domain$20,000/year
per server$7,000/year
per node$600/year
  • per domain A tier that charges Metatron Discovery on a per-domain basis.
  • per server A tier that charges for each installed WAS(Web Application Server).
  • per node A tier that charges for the number of installed WAS and OLAP engine Cluster nodes. (min 3 nodes are needed)