Data Portal

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Share, Co-work with your team

A data-driven communication channel is required for enterprise to work as a data foundation. View all dashboard reports and advanced analytics analyzed in enterprise data in one place and make data analysts work efficiently. Metatron Data Portal makes it easy for users who have difficulty accessing data to get insights into data.


Make it easy to stay informed

Users can easily check system announcements and newly added analysis reports.

Request data efficiently

The data requestor can see at a glance the processing status of the job he has requested and the data manager can handle the work efficiently through a single request channel.

Report & Analytics application

By adding well-created reports and analytics apps to “My Space”, users can periodically check and work on insights created with the latest data.


Helps business communities, data analysts, and data administrators communicate smoothly.

Efficiently change the data request process.

Requesting and waiting for data for analysis is very tedious. The data portal allows you to see at a glance the status of your requested work, reducing unnecessary communications. Data administrators can work efficiently with the unity of the data request process as a data portal.

Create and share reports and analytics

Share analytics apps made from your business-specific data across your company. For users who lack understanding of data and data analysis techniques, it is necessary to create and provide tools for users to utilize the data. There are three ways to create reports and analytics apps.

  • URL type – You can easily link with the data portal by entering the URL of the analysis page that you have created.
  • Metatron Discovery type – Based on workbooks and dashboards created at Metatron Discovery.
  • Data extraction type – Even if you do not know SQL, you can extract information by inputting simple variables.

By adding these reports and analysis apps to your “My Space”, users can conveniently use the information they want to work.

Leverage communication space

The “Communications” space allows administrators to provide announcements or other information needed to perform data-driven business operations. Data Portal also provides a personalized space while keeping a concise UI, helping to keep track of the information you need.