I’m a complete noob in Metatron capabilities, so while I work on getting myself a test environment I will post some queries I have in mind.

First group are related to security.

1) Is it possible to limit a given user (or group) to “see” only a given set of data sources? That is, a person with higher privileges will create the user and establish a set of data sources that user can see but disallowing the creation of others (data source level access control)

2) For a given data source, is it possible to establish a “hidden” filter in such a way all queries executed by a given user will limit the results to the rows containing such filter?

For example, you share a particular data source by multiple users, but then establish the condition CLIENT ID=user ID in all the queries it makes, effectively isolating the results by users (of course, all rows have to include the client ID dimension to work) (row level access control)

In both cases these restrictions would be configured by someb

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